From Concept to Delivery: Streamline your business with Microsoft Dynamics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ERP?
What is Microsoft Dynamics?
Microsoft Dynamics is a family of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications produced by the Microsoft Business Solution group.
How are Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP different?
They are both ERP software systems; however Microsoft Dynamics NAV is highly customizable and Dynamics GP is more ‘out of the box’ and faster to implement. Check out our comparison chart to learn more
What is Distribution Chain Management?
Distribution chain management is the management of all the different channels involved in a product’s lifecycle – from distribution to retailer to advertising. Distribution management has an incredibly fast day-to-day environment, involving commodity pricing, direct store delivery, customer pricing options, and promotion tracking.
What features and benefits does Microsoft Dynamics NAV offer?
  • Data integration: Streamline your silos of data
  • RoleTailored interface: Gives each person the data they need to perform their specific roles right on their desktop
  • Customizable to meet the needs of your market niche
  • Adaptable to grow with your business
  • Integration with Word, Excel, Outlook and other Microsoft applications
  • Multiple Reporting methods and high visibility of information
How can I get MS Dynamics, Navigator or Ceres training?
Already a customer? Find a list of current classes on our Training Page.

Not yet an eSoftware customer? Fill out our training contact form to find out about how our consulting and training can help your business be more efficient.

What is the difference between MS Dynamics and Microsoft Office?
MS Dynamics houses all primary aspects of your business, including sales, purchasing, inventory, accounting, production and more into one package – no more separate spreadsheets or Word documents. It also has a RoleTailored interface, which is a desktop precisely tailored to fit a user’s role.

Although Microsoft Office is a great solution for day-to-day work, it’s limited when it comes to managing multiple departments and all the separate silos of data. Dynamics NAV is extremely adaptable and customizable to meet the needs of your growing business. And Dynamics GP has hundreds of add-ons available.

Don’t forget, MS Dynamics can be integrated with Microsoft Office, so you’ll still have that familiar interface and be able to easily embed those spreadsheets.

What is SharePoint?
SharePoint is a technology developed by Microsoft that allows web publishing and collaboration under a single server. An excellent system for project managers, Microsoft SharePoint allows users to share information internally and externally under a central interface.
What can I do with SharePoint?
  • Distribute and manage content
  • Develop web sites, portals, wikis, blogs, and more
  • Provide relevant information to organizations without allowing access to the source
  • Easily share and edit information internally
How do I know when my company is ready to switch to an integrated ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics?
  • Your business is growing and spreadsheets aren’t enough to handle financial or departmental tracking
  • Data and details are slipping through the cracks
  • Customer satisfaction is declining rapidly
  • You feel out of touch with many of your departments

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What is the typical cost of installing and customizing a new MS Dynamics based ERP management system in a small to mid-size company?
The answer depends on several factors, including company size, business complexity, and number of users. Contact us today for more details and an estimate.