From Concept to Delivery: Streamline your business with Microsoft Dynamics

Ceres: Food Bank Software Powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV

At eSoftware Professionals we created Ceres, a food bank software system designed specifically for the unique ERP needs and requirements that Food Banks must achieve.

Your food bank is a unique entity: an organization that receives and distributes millions of pounds of food per year. You need a solid food bank specific software ERP system to track product donations, grants, food drives, and much more. You try to work with smaller accounting systems or Excel, but these generic products don’t meet the needs of the food bank.  Since the year 2000, we’ve been making and implementing Ceres – a product designed for the unique needs of Food Banks, powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV – a best of breed Supply Chain Management Solution created by Microsoft.


Ceres Evolution

For the current Ceres version, updates to resolve critical issues will be released as the issues are identified, reviewed, and resolved. On average, updates are issued monthly, but may be more or less frequent depending upon the nature of the issues reported.


It is our Goal to release a new major version of Ceres such that the product is not more than one major version behind the current Microsoft Dynamics NAV product.  Currently Ceres 6.0, based upon Dynamics NAV 365, is in the planning stages.

Ceres Announcements

  • Agency Credit Order and Recreate Document Added – - 10.30.20

    As a result of the changes under CERES5.00.54 – Agency Credit Order and Recreate procedure document has been updated. See the Agencies and Receivables (version 5.0) section of the Ceres Procedure Documents.

  • Agency Orders with Grants Document Updated – -

    As a result of the changes under CERES5.00.51 – Agency Orders with Grants procedure document has been updated. See the Agencies and Receivables (version 5.0) section of the Ceres Procedure Documents.

  • Ceres Updates 5.00.51 to 5.00.85 released – -

    Ceres updates 5.00.51 to 5.00.85, that address various issues, were released on 10/30/20. Please see the “Ceres Updates” section of the Ceres page for details of each update.

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Ceres Updates

The “Readme” that describes the issue addressed, the objects affected, and the resolution for each released Update is listed below.  To obtain the Update for application to your Ceres database please contact Support via one of the three methods listed at the bottom of this page.  Please be sure to reference the Update number (i.e. CERES5.0X.XX) in the support request.

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Support Hours: Monday through Friday 7:15 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time

You can obtain support in the following methods (in preferred order):

  1. E-mail:
  2. Ticket: Login to this page and Click “New Support Ticket”
  3. Call: 503-608-3652

An e-mail to containing details about the issue and whom to contact is the preferred method as it auto generates a ticket in our support system and notifies our support team of the request.


View the full support page here.