From Concept to Delivery: Streamline your business with Microsoft Dynamics

Service Organizations ERP & Microsoft Dynamics

Your company is renowned for its service. Be it fast service, or high quality service, or strong relationship management – perhaps all three – your company needs the tools to make sure you maintain your reputation and live up to it. When competition is tough, the ability to track and manage your own internal information, such as costing, customer relationships, warranties and parts, will keep you shoulders above the rest.

Service Management Resources

The Wonderful World of Microsoft Dynamics

eSoftware Professionals helps its service organization ERP clients master Microsoft Dynamics, the best way to consolidate multiple “islands” of data into one cohesive software system. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP have the potential to revolutionize the following areas in your business:

Service Organization ERP Basics

At the core of every successful business is a secure, well-managed system. Microsoft Dynamics integrates all your fundamental business elements, such as Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), General Ledger (GL), Human Resources (HR), fixed assets, inventory management, purchasing, receiving, sales, shipping, and vendor management. Enjoy having all your data silos under one structure for the first time!

Customer Relationship Management

Service is a customer-driven industry. Many businesses hold the belief that no matter who picks up the phone at your company, he or she should be able to make your customer feel recognized and acknowledged. In that case, every member of your team needs instant access to various aspects of your client base. Microsoft Dynamics gives your staff the ability to review a customer’s history – be it invoices, previous conversations, personal information, product specifications, or service history.


Tracking products and services throughout the entire history of the customer is a smart business practice and a necessity for quality customer relationship management. So is tracking internal company transactions between departments, such as Parts and Services. eSoftware Professionals gives you the tools for your internal and external tracking requirements, so miscommunication and lost information are things of the past.

Strategy and Managing Growth

The best Service organizations know their customers – both what they want and how they act. Management equipped with the right information and tools have the opportunity to grow their client base and outmatch the competition. eSoftware Professionals will show you how to use dashboard and workstation views for different roles in the company so that the right information is always available. End-users will have access to information to make them self-sufficient within their roles and executives will admire the ability to drill down and see what comprises their summary metric information at an operational level. The scope tools in Microsoft Dynamics combine to provide a level of efficiency and visibility beyond other ERP systems – and it all has a foundation in the low-risk Microsoft technology adopted by over 75,000 companies!