Hi Tech Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics

If you are in High Tech Manufacturing you know that your environment can change much more rapidly than in general manufacturing. Your company can change from a start-up to a multi-million dollar entity in months. Over the span of a few years you may have significantly more employees, facilities, and contracts. You need a hi tech manufacturing ERP system that is flexible and scalable to change as your business changes – and your business may change a lot!

That is why eSoftware Professionals uses Microsoft Dynamics to help its clients in High Tech Manufacturing. You will consolidate multiple “islands” of data that currently exist as separate systems. At a high level, Microsoft Dynamics helps in the following areas:

Hi Tech Manufacturing ERP Basics

You need a solid ERP system at the core. Microsoft Dynamics contains all the fundamental elements that you will require such as Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), General Ledger (GL), Human Resources (HR), fixed assets, inventory management, purchasing, receiving, sales, shipping, production management, quality management, vendor management and more. All your data silos will be brought under one structure.

Lot Tracking, Serialization, Compliance

Tracking to the lot may not be enough. Serial numbers are embedded on every product and will trace the life of a product from production through regular service and possibly through to rebuild or termination.


Your production process may be as simple as assembling a kit or as complex as managing the timing and sequencing of multiple runs on multiple lines over a 24/7 period. Microsoft Dynamics has the flexibility to bring you the right amount of process required to keep operations controlled and predictable. From simple warehousing requirements for picking to multiple facilities with detailed material and labor tracking, eSoftware will help you implement a system that suits your environment and can scale as you scale. Technology can include elements such as barcode scanning, automated data collection, EDI, and scale integration. Microsoft Dynamics brings your entire production process under one system to give you the efficiency boost and information visibility that you need to manage your facility.

Strategy and Managing Growth

In Manufacturing, knowledge is power – and power means the right information at the right time to make good decisions. Management equipped with the right information and tools can grow their client base significantly and outpace the competition. We will show you how to use dashboard and workstation views for different roles in the company so that relevant information is always available to you. Your end-users will have access to information to make them self-sufficient within their role. Executives have summary metric information with the ability to drill down and see what comprises it at an operational level. The various tools combine to provide a level of efficiency and visibility beyond other software systems – and it is all based on the low-risk Microsoft technology that has been adopted by over 75,000 companies!