Get the Power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tailored for Your Food Business

To compete in today’s marketplace you need to streamline costs, improve food safety, and manage customer compliance. You need one integrated ERP system that can manage your supply chain and customer relationships – from finance to manufacturing to traceability. You need eFood from eSoftware Professionals, the proven software solution built for the food, beverage, and produce industry.

Manage All Areas of Your Food Business in One Integrated, Scalable Solution

eFood – developed specifically for the food processing and food distribution industry – is a powerful software solution built on the robust capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. eFood allows you to manage all areas of your food business and is scalable as your business grows. And, because eFood is fully integrated with the Microsoft tools your team already knows, they can learn it quickly.

Let eFood revolutionize your food processing and food distribution business with one powerful, robust system that can:

Consolidate Data (information) from Multiple Systems

With eFood you can manage your entire food business with one comprehensive system for customer service, inventory, manufacturing, finance, production, compliance, and more. You instantly get the information you need – where and when you need it:

  • One Database for Everyone. eFood makes all your data accessible to the people who need it to help them make informed decisions and to manage financial data properly for audit and compliance – with no duplicate entry.
  • An Integrated System for Increased Efficiency. eFood gives you all the fundamental elements you need to run your business – Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Inventory, Purchasing, Receiving, and Production Management – integrated with tools designed specifically for the unique needs of the food manufacturing and food distribution industry.

Manage Food Safety, Recalls and Traceability

eFood allows your company to provide food safety traceability at all stages – identifying the source of supplied goods that are used or going to be used, the customers supplied with goods, and the information that needs to be reported to authorities and customers. You get the tools you need for:

  • Lot Traceability Recall Done in Minutes. eFood gives you the ability to trace raw ingredients and packaging throughout your processes – from the ingredient lot to the finished product.
  • Quality Control During Every Step. eFood provides a food safety quality testing and management system for all your in-house tests, from receiving through processing to distribution – and quarantine functionality to control what types of transactions can be performed for on hold batches.

Streamline Food Processing and Distribution

eFood was developed to help you manage your unique production and distribution requirements – from commodity pricing to catch weights to delivery instructions to customer pricing options to trade spend and promotion tracking. You get the amount of control and technology you need to manage your specific processes:

  • Grading and R&D at Any Point. eFood allows you to assign grades to incoming products for classification and vendor payment calculations. You can follow the entire manufacturing and distribution process from ingredients to finished product – even handle R&D samples, small batch runs and initial plant trials.
  • Ingredient Information Stored for Multiple Reporting. eFood offers multiple ways to quickly declare nutrient quantities and percentages, print the information in multiple formats and print a Certificate of Analysis at the time of shipping – even run an end-product or ingredient-based recall in minutes or even seconds!

Manage Growth and Opportunity

With eFood you get the information and the tools needed to grow your business and outpace the competition. With dashboard and workstation views designed for different company roles, eFood ensures that relevant data is always available:

  • Better Information for Better Decision Making. eFood gives you the ability to integrate information across multiple departments and drill down to focus on a specific activity – empowering every part of your organization to make informed decisions.
  • Scalable for Your Changing Needs. eFood is tailored to your specific requirements and you can bring on additional functionality as needed without having to switch systems or learn new tools.

See how an eFood solution can revolutionize your food, beverage, and produce business.

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