Distribution ERP with Microsoft Dynamics

Distribution has an incredibly fast paced day-to-day environment — one of the fastest out of any business. Your distribution ERP system needs to be quick, accurate, efficient, and have full visibility of every trade at all times. Customer Service is imperative, and retaining customers is critical to long-term viability.

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics

eSoftware Professionals uses Microsoft Dynamics to help our Distribution ERP clients raise the bar in proficiency and performance. Microsoft Dynamics will consolidate multiple “islands” of data that currently exist as separate systems and streamline the following areas:

Distribution ERP Basics

An excellent Distribution business is built on a solid, reliable foundation. Microsoft Dynamics manages all the fundamental elements in your business, including Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), Human Resources (HR), General Ledger (GL), fixed assets, Customer Relationship Management, logistics, inventory management, purchasing, receiving, sales, shipping, production management, quality management, vendor management, and more. For the first time, all your data platforms will be united under one dedicated distribution ERP structure.

Compliance, Recalls, Traceability

Has your supply chain been affected by international competition concerns? Yours won’t be the only one. Different quality standards from abroad have forced regulating agencies to implement higher quality and safety standards locally. Proof of product traceability is one way domestic manufacturers compete against foreign competitors. eSoftware Professionals will show you how to use Microsoft Dynamics to set up lot tracking programs and handle unforeseen recalls in minutes.


The Distribution industry comes with particular requirements that depend on the product. From commodity pricing, direct store delivery, catch weights, logistics and shipment tracking, to expiry, FIFO, vendor payment options, customer pricing options, trade spend and promotion tracking, your Distribution business is responsible for managing every factor. Microsoft Dynamics allows you to oversee these unique aspects without stalling your processes and diminish your primary goal – the efficient movement and trade of your product.

Strategy and Managing Growth

Good information leads to good decisions. And you need fast access to that information in a way that is meaningful – information alone is not enough. With the right information and tools, the potential to grow a client base and outpace the competition is suddenly a very real option. We will show you how to use dashboard and workstation views for different roles in your company so that pertinent information is at your fingertips. Your end-users will have access to information to make them self-sufficient in their role. Executives will enjoy the availability of summary metric information with the ability to drill down and see its components at an operational level. Microsoft Dynamics’ various tools combine to provide a level of efficiency and visibility beyond other software systems – and it all uses the same low-risk Microsoft technology adopted by over 75,000 companies!