From Concept to Delivery: Streamline your business with Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft SharePoint

Consolidation Means Better Collaboration

When it comes to projects and paperwork, don’t play the guessing game. Get a handle on your business process with Microsoft SharePoint.

What is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a project management solution that simplifies and streamlines workflow. Your team can set up websites, manage documents from start to finish, and share documents internally and externally. With Microsoft SharePoint, you can distribute data without granting access to the source; the original remains intact, and you maintain perfect version control. Want full visibility into your projects and better collaboration among your teams? Microsoft SharePoint 2010 offers these benefits and more.

Do I need SharePoint?

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Does your team consistently miss deadlines?
  • Is a lack of version control creating headaches and confusion?
  • Are important documents getting lost in the shuffle?
  • Are your reports lackluster and more time-intensive than they should be?
  • Are you unable to zero-in on your highest business priorities?
  • Are more and more customers jumping ship?

Did you answer yes to two or more of these questions? If so, Microsoft SharePoint and eSoftware Professionals can help. Contact us to learn more about Microsoft SharePoint. It will change your work life.