From Concept to Delivery: Streamline your business with Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics RoleTailored Interface

Imagine all the separate piles of papers on your desk: sales orders, invoices, shipping forms, and returns. Now visualize your desk right on the screen! The RoleTailored interface works just like that – it’s data specific to your role and tailored to your needs.

RoleTailored Interface Screenshot

RoleTailored interface by Microsoft Dynamics is an organized, efficient system for company-wide data management. The RoleTailored interface allows users to easily find what they need – no more digging through irrelevant information.

It helps make your business more efficient. And it can easily be used with Outlook, Excel, and other Microsoft products.

MS Dynamics RoleTailored Interface Features:

  • Displays and organizes all data and duties relevant to a user’s job
  • Intuitive navigation pane allows easy drill down into menu items
  • Never lose a to-do list again: Task window shows tasks, lists, reports, and more

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